Ali wasn’t buried at all and this is one big set up made by her: A theory.

I’m calling it now, Alison is lying and wasn’t buried at all. Although, she might’ve told girls something what actually happened but she’s made it into a lie, too.

Okay, so we know that Melissa buried Bethany who was alive but hit in the head, and there was already a hole that unknown person digged up. Alison’s told that her mother was talking to someone and repeating “What have you done" while she was burying Alison.We assumed that Mrs. D would cover something like this for a child or someone really close to her. We know three people who would match that description: Jason, Alison and Mr. Hastings. We know that Jason wouldn’t do this- he was shocked when he’s found his mother’s body and it’s obvious that the same person who buried Alison buried Mrs. D. Same with Peter, first of all he wouldn’t hit a teeanger in the back of her head, he’s a good person. So, the only one who’s left is Alison. And, we’ve seen her in the black hoodie while her mother was found.

In my twin theory (I’m not sticking to it right now because we know that Bethany was older) I’ve assumed that there were two same outfits- including bracelets- and the last episode (5x11) showed that I was right.

Bethany’s got a bracelet with Alison’s name on it.

It’s not enough, they even had the same shoes and jeans, so that wasn’t an accident, everything was made on purpose.

I think that Ali’s hit her, Mrs. D was somehow involved, maybe she’s seen everything from the window or was hanging around looking for Alison, I don’t know. Anyway, I think that Mrs. D digged up the hole while she kept saying “What have you done" to Alison. Then they’ve heard someone, aka Melissa, was coming so they just left Bethany and a hole right there.

And what with Alison’s scars? While she was gone, police announced what exactly happened to her so she knew everything. Or she just could’ve have a look into exhumation’s documents, we know she was a guest in the hospital, she knew a doctor who really liked her, and we don’t know if she’s not somehow connected to Wren. She could’ve done the scars just to protect herself. it’s Alison Dilaurentis we’re talking about, it looks like she’s capable of anything just to make her lie believable.

And now just thinking: we know that Cece was in Radley pretending to be Alison. But why? For what? Was Alison earlier in there? If she was, or even if that was only Cece herself, they could know Bethany and they could set it all up, they could give her clothes. Maybe Cece or Ali gained Bathany’s sympathy? We know that Bethany called Mrs. D an auntie. Maybe they’ve told her “On that day you’ll come to us in those clothes" or something, maybe they planned to kill Bethany to make Alison free way to disappear? I’m not telling if Alison is -A here or not, because even is she was she would still have a motive that we don’t know of or she’s just a sociopath, what was even suggested by our precious Spencer. Or maybe Mrs. D helped in it, she said that the yellow top was enough. Maybe Alison was the person who she couldn’t protect anymore? It would make perfect sense.

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